Welcome Home.

Everyone enjoys the sensation of “coming home.” When you are at Britt David, that’s how we want you to feel. Therefore, at Britt David Baptist Church, we have adopted a slogan that accurately describes us. We are…

A Church to Call HOME

It means that we are a Church Family where people have a genuine sense of “belonging.”  The slogan reminds us of who we are to be.

Furthermore, the acronym HOME reminds us of what we are to be doing.

H is for Honoring Christ.  We want to honor the Lord in everything we do, including our worship of Him.

O is for On Mission with God. Our evangelistic zeal comes from understanding that the Great Commission is our mission.

M is for Ministering to Others. We want to help meet the needs of people in our community by serving them, whether they are a part of our church family or not.

E is for Edifying One Another.  Through koinonia fellowship and disciple-making, we want to build up one another within our church family.


Contact the church office if you have any questions: 706-322-0357